Passive vs. Active Marketing with SEO

10 Apr, 2023 Organic SEO Strategies

When making a digital marketing strategy, your website needs to be able to stand on its own while also influencing other websites. That is where understanding the delicate line between passive and active SEO comes into play.

To better understand these terms, as well as many other buzzwords that are often thrown around the digital marketing industry, we are going to do a deep dive into what passive and active SEO means, what skills are required to implement them, and how you can use these strategies in you own digital marketing plan.

Passive SEO

Passive SEO is also known as “on page” or “on site” because it is the things you can do to your website to optimize your search engine rankings and organic traffic. This is typically split into two subcategories: technical and content.


Technical passive SEO focuses on promoting good site architecture by optimizing site tags and using CSS and headers for SEO and accessibility. This task requires someone well-versed in coding practices and understanding how to manage a website from the back end.


Content passive SEO is more focused on creating strong website copy. Great content drives great traffic and, as such, must be written by a great writer. Hiring a writer or subject domain expert to handle your content passive SEO can ensure that your website is informative, entertaining, and succinct.

You can use other general passive SEO practices to optimize your website further. You have likely heard some of the buzzwords like meta tags and keywords, but the less flashy stuff like HTML tags, images, and optimized headlines can make an even bigger difference on your website’s SEO.

Active SEO

Active SEO is also known as “link building” because you are trying to build links between your website and other reputable websites. This can be done by building onto other sites through methods like blogs. Building out directories and other profiles is another common part of a link-building strategy.

While an SEO agency is typically hired to acquire these links, readers and fans also do this organically. Whenever someone makes a social media post about your business and tags you or leaves a review of your business on another site, your customers build links back to your website.

Discuss Passive and Active SEO With Our Team

Both active and passive SEO need to be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy in order to take full advantage of the tools at your disposal. While they need to work in conjunction with each other, these tasks should be managed by different people who specialize in that specific area of SEO.

The biggest difficulty in developing an in-house digital marketing team is the cost. Partnering with a team like BluShark Digital can get you access to industry expertise at a fraction of what it would cost to manage your own team in-house. Contact us today to see what we can do for your firm!