The Search Marketing Industry: Six Evolving Trends in SEO

01 Dec, 2023 Organic SEO Strategies

The search marketing industry has traditionally been reactive, following the lead of Google and Bing in terms of new technologies. In the ever-evolving world of SEO, staying updated with the latest trends is essential for marketing and search professionals. Understanding the functionalities of SEO and the trends that exist within them can assist in maximizing optimization efforts and driving your digital presence. There are six crucial developments in SEO that every search engine marketer should comprehend to stay effective in their efforts.

Using Content Blocks

Understanding that traditional SEO practices focus on keyword optimization is vital. However, modern search engines have shifted their focus to understanding web pages in terms of topics. This approach is known as a “topic taxonomy.” To create an SEO-friendly webpage, begin by first defining the main topic and relevant subtopics. This structure makes it easier for search engines and, more importantly, for readers to grasp the content’s context.

Quality Over Quantity

While comprehensive content is valuable, there is a fine line between being thorough and drifting off-topic to hit a word count. It is important to be concise and relevant when drafting content. Overly broad content can hinder SEO performance. You want to stay specific and ensure your content directly addresses the primary topic to maintain relevance.

Using a Featured Image

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) showcases a topic’s answer along with three website listings and a featured image. The featured image is an opportunity to capture users’ attention. Use colorful, centered images that draw the eye, as they can enhance your page’s visual appeal.


Creating unique, high-quality content is essential for SEO success. Don’t just mimic what competitors are doing. Having a distinguished positioning will help you stand out when compared to your competition. Instead, focus on addressing user needs and answering their questions effectively. Natural language understanding is becoming more critical, so tailoring content to user intent is key.

Using Google’s People Also Ask Feature

Leveraging Google’s “People Also Ask” (PAA) feature to discover subtopics is a useful SEO tactic. However, exercise caution and avoid adding irrelevant subtopics to your content. PAA suggestions should complement your primary topic rather than broadening the content’s scope excessively.


Artificial intelligence is being used to detect manipulative practices in SEO. This includes identifying fake links, inauthentic LinkedIn profiles, and fake Google Business reviews. These practices are being actively monitored and can lead to penalties, so it is best to focus on genuine and ethical SEO strategies.

Search Is Evolving in Every Direction

Ultimately, the search marketing industry is continually changing and will continue to evolve over time. With that being said, staying up to date with SEO trends is crucial. By understanding content blocks, maintaining relevance, optimizing featured images, creating original content, using PAA wisely, and adhering to ethical practices, search professionals can navigate the evolving landscape of SEO effectively. Don’t be fooled by shortcuts or misinformation; instead, focus on delivering value to users and meeting their search intent. Reach out to the team at BluShark Digital for more detailed guidance on how to optimize your business’ website to stay up to date with the latest in SEO trends and strategies.