BluShark Digital Welcomes Peter Shankman

13 Apr, 2022 BluShark Digital News

BluShark is excited to announce that Peter Shankman will be taking a role within the company as a futurist. Mr. Shankman is a renowned marketing expert and experienced keynote speaker who is known for his many achievements, such as the creation of Help a Reporter Out (HARO).

Mr. Shankman also hosts the Faster Than Normal podcast and is the author of several books. His expansive knowledge across concentrations like brand building, marketing, and social media is welcomed and valued.

The Futurist Role at BluShark Digital

At BluShark Digital, Mr. Shankman will hold many responsibilities to help further enhance the company. A futurist must be able to observe the current environment and client behavior to make relevant predictions for many years in the future. A key focus of this position is ensuring that BluShark keeps a proactive mindset for the future and remains flexible with the rapid changes in the digital marketing industry.

To this end, Mr. Shankman will create recommendations for BluShark based on in-depth research and analysis of technological trends and new processes. His experience as a keynote speaker, along with his countless contributions to cable news networks and global brands, will help ensure BluShark stays ahead of trends, which will result in better service to its clients.

A Positive Outlook for The Future

BluShark Digital always strives to drive innovation and serve our clients to the best of our ability. With the addition of Mr. Shankman, BluShark will be able to stay ahead of competitors and ensure the company remains prominent in the digital marketing industry.