Google Rolls Out SMB Ad Credits

19 Jun, 2020 Google News, Paid Search

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are beginning to see their Google Ads accounts credited as part of  Google’s $314 million stimulus program. These Ads credits are meant to help businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic re-engage with their customers.

The amounts being seen by SMBs vary from business to business. According to Google, the largest amount that can be credited is $1000 USD (or the equivalent in the currency used by the account) but so far the largest amount we’ve seen credited is $750. Many SMBs are now wondering what to do with these funds and how to best use them to support their Google Ads efforts. Here are a few ideas on how to best use the Ads credits to benefit your SMB.

Ramp up Campaigns with Small Budgets

Do you have campaigns with smaller budgets that are performing well? This can be a great opportunity to add to and expand these campaigns. Take advantage of something that is working well and can potentially convert even more leads. While business is slower, this is a good time to pay close attention to what is serving your firm or company well and what could potentially be improved by using these new funds or reallocating others.

Kickstart Ads for New Practice Areas & Offerings

If you have a new practice area or offering that hasn’t been promoted yet, this is a good opportunity to put some funds toward it. Put your business in front of new potential clients and generate more leads. In a time where the phone may not be ringing as much, this is a way to make connections with clients and remind them what you have to offer.

Research Locations for More Impact

With things changing rapidly against the backdrop of COVID-19, the way you do business might have to change too. You might use the Ads credits to stretch to a different location and try to increase conversions. Alternatively, pouring more funds into a high functioning location may also serve your business or firm well. This can be a time to dive in and take a closer and more meticulous look into your reach to see if you can stretch it or if you should double down on your existing targets.

While the credit isn’t a life-changing amount of money, it can be a helpful step for SMBs to rebuild after dealing with months of downtime and a struggling economy. This is an opportunity to try something new or learn more about your successful advertising points.