Has Google’s Continuous Scroll Update Impacted Rankings?

05 Apr, 2023 Google News

In late 2022, Google made a substantial update to how searchers scroll on desktop devices. Previously, Google search engine results pages, or SERPs for short, showed roughly 10 results per page. This meant users would need to manually hit the “next page” button to see more results. However, with this recent update, Google has implemented continuous scrolling, taking away the page style of search results. Instead, searchers can scroll through over 50 search results before being prompted by a “more results” button. Although there are no pages, there are still sponsored advertisements to break up chunks or results.

This development piqued the curiosity of SEO professionals. If pages no longer exist for searches, is it still necessary to land in the initial results? Are searchers scrolling further down on Google and seeing more results? Here are what some initial findings suggest a few months after the update was introduced.

Continuous Scroll Findings

According to a recent study conducted by Search Engine Land, this update has not changed much. The data demonstrate that most traffic still goes to the first few results on the page. The first 3 spots on the SERPs still account for over 50% of traffic and almost 90% of clicks.

However, impressions for results ranking in the 15-20 spots did increase from 20% to 25%, so searchers may be more inclined to scroll through more results than before. After the first 20 results, the data showed a significant drop in clicks, impressions, and overall traffic. If you want to generate substantial clicks to your site, those first positions are critically important.

What This Means for Search

Although it is more convenient for searchers to scroll further down Google search results with continuous scrolling, lower-ranking results still receive much fewer clicks and traffic. The data shows that ranking in the initial positions is still as essential as ever. Developing a well-versed SEO strategy focusing on aspects such as quality content, high-quality website, links, and a healthy online presence will aid in achieving these top rankings and drive traffic and clicks to your website from Google.

Learn More About the Impact of Continuous Scroll

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