How to Know if the SEO Algorithm is Changing

Search engines (most popularly, Google) are consistently changing to meet the needs of users. When attempting to maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) operations, it is important to understand that is Google always adjusting the algorithm to help users more efficiently find what they are searching for.

Because Google’s search algorithm is revised hundreds of times a year, best practices are constantly changing. Despite Google’s constant evolutions, you can still identify these changes and shift your SEO practices to keep up.

Google’s Search Engine Updates

When searching, Google analyzes billions of websites to organize a tailored list of rankings for what is being searched. This means that the search engine results page (SERP) must routinely keep up to adapt to newer information. Google implements millions of bots, called “crawlers,” to scan through these websites and discover what sites will fit best with your search.

To give someone appropriate search results, Google looks at the meaning, relevance, quality, usability, and context of information. Google runs an abundance of experiments to assure these factors are still thoroughly being met, and searching is improved to better meet the needs of the users. Because of this, it is imperative to know when the algorithm is shifting and how to respond. If you are seeing major changes in your search rankings, the algorithm may very well be changing.

How to Keep Up with the Changing Algorithm

Because Google is always changing, understanding how to modernize your SEO practices can be crucial to maintaining and improving your digital presence.

Generate High-Quality Content

Creating high-quality, informative content can help web pages stay strong during updates. Google wants search users to be able to find this valuable content to match the needs of their searches. Lower-quality content is more likely to drop ranks.

Stay Informed on Industry Movements

Staying informed will allow for you to react to these updates as they are happening without missing much of a beat. Google announces many larger updates when they happen. Knowing what Google is changing can help you tailor your SEO strategy faster than competitors.

Monitor the Traffic and Rankings through Google Analytics

It is also important to keep up with Google Analytics and investigate whether your keyword rankings or site traffic numbers are falling or rising. This gives an opportunity to see what is and is not working and adjust strategy accordingly.

Work with Professionals

The biggest way you can stay on top of changes in the algorithm is to collaborate with skilled SEO professionals. Allowing professionals to handle these tasks can ensure SEO is being maximized to the highest order and your digital presence continues to develop as the internet changes.

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