How to Plan for Expansion Using Google Business Profile

Finding the best location for your new office is an exciting time for any business—it means there’s been a great increase in the demand for your company’s products or services and you’re ready to level up. Small businesses can become big businesses by expanding, so it’s important to be strategic in developing your expansion plan.

Although it’s important to find a location that works best for the aesthetic needs of your business, one of the key factors to consider is how potential clients can find your newest office online. Phone books have become antiquated and extinct, leaving most consumers to use their smartphones or tablets to search for information on local products and services. It’s your responsibility to make sure that when potential clients search for services in your area, you’re the first to show up.

What is Google Business Profile?

Google is the main search engine that consumers turn to in order to learn about a business. Most searchers are unlikely to navigate past the first page of results, so it’s vital to master Google’s algorithm of search results to be featured on the first page. The easiest way to secure your spot is by utilizing “Google Business Profile”. After making a free account through Google, a business can create, customize, and eventually optimize their knowledge panel which appears on the right-hand side of the first page of search results, as shown here:

Although the information listed here can probably be found on your website, Google Business Profile indexes this data across all of its platforms including Maps, so when your potential customers search for you—everything they need to know is right there in front of them.

Mastering Google Business Profile While Expanding

It’s important to keep Google Business Profile in mind when planning your business expansion. Consider these tips to find the best new space for you:

Google denotes city centers with red pin-points

  • Choose a unique location—Make sure not to rent in a space where a competitor (defined in this instance as someone in the same industry and practice area as you) may also be located; Google filters results for users and will only show one business per category/per building when displaying the Google Business Profile listing.
  • Choose a popular location—Google Business Profile will display your business more often when the proximity of the searcher is closer to your address. Try to be as close to a “city center” or an area where your client demographics are heavily populated to maximize searches near you.
  • Choose a new location—Try expanding into geographies that are untapped by your market. Businesses placed in markets that are less competitive are more likely to rank faster for Google.
  • Choose an independent location—Avoid shared office spaces like Regus or WeWork. These spaces don’t fall within Google’s business guidelines and often Google Business Profile will not accept these locations as valid business addresses.

By following these guidelines, your business can maximize the benefits of expansion. Remember to keep other important factors in mind such as handicap accessibility, parking, zoning laws, and infrastructure when choosing the perfect building for you.

How BluShark Can Help

Once you’ve chosen the perfect new location for your office expansion, BluShark can help you leverage Google for an increase in leads by optimizing your listing and enhancing your digital presence. More importantly, we can help interpret customer paths through Google Business Profile Insights to provide a thorough understanding of your potential client’s behavior prior to actually reaching your website.