What to Outsource First to Grow Your Law Firm

22 Dec, 2022 Tips & Help

To increase productivity and efficiency of law firms, lawyers must reduce spending in order to maximize costs. Outsourcing is a great solution that helps many lawyers transform their law firms.

What is Outsourcing and How Does it Help?

Outsourcing, in simple terms, is when a company will use an outside supplier to get a service instead of using employees from their own company. This is beneficial for lawyers because it allows them to utilize third parties when they need to outsource tasks, specifically ones that are time consuming and/or work that is not billable. This allows for employees of these law firms to focus on the quality of their work and services while also cutting costs for the firm which, in turn, results in growth for your law firm.

Outsourcing Solutions

There are many options when it comes to work that can be outsourced, some of which are listed below:

  1. Marketing: Outsourcing your firm’s marketing allows for skilled marketing professionals to focus on building your brand so you can focus on using your resources more efficiently.
  2. Legal research and related tasks: Background research on cases, scouring through discovery, dictation for transcripts, processing of documents, and creating summaries for depositions can all be done by third party experts that are skilled and trained on these specific tasks.
  3. Data, processing, and coding tasks: Data entry for legal documents can be very time consuming, so outsourcing can allow for law firms to run more efficiently. The same can be said for document processing which involves heavy analysis that can be done by outsourcing to professionals. Also, coding tasks like legal coding and indexing can be outsourced to an expert coding team that is familiar with these types of services.
  4. Accounting services: Bookkeeping and other accounting tasks should be outsourced to save money and resources on an accounting team. Outsourcing in order to have accurate bookkeeping, accounting, and billing is a necessity that will allow your law firm to rely on skilled legal accountants that are able to improve your revenue.

What to Outsource First?

The decision of what to outsource first at your law firm is a highly individual decision. Where do you see yourself or your other employees spending unnecessary time and resources? Would your team benefit from hiring a third party to complete these tasks? It is also important to think about what ways you or your employees would use the additional time you will have when tasks are outsourced, and your firm is being run in a more efficient manner.

Marketing is arguably the most useful task to outsource and will have the most impact when trying to grow your law firm. Investing in a marketing firm that has a marketing strategy based in the digital age is extremely beneficial in growing your firm and increasing revenue.

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