Google Announces New Software Updates to Refine its Device Integrations

Google has announced 13 new upcoming software features that will be released throughout 2022. These updates are the beginning of Google’s 2022 initiative “Better Together.” This initiative focuses on device integration and creating a Google ecosystem, which includes numerous quality of life improvements and integrations with Chromebook and other Windows PCs. The “Better Together” initiative has already been compared to Apple’s device ecosystem, and many are concerned this will be incredibly difficult for Google to implement successfully. Let’s dive deeper into what to expect from this Google’s integration drive in 2022.

New Integration Features

The most significant update coming is Google’s “Fast Pair” framework, a new UI for Android working to make pairing Bluetooth headphones easier and more compatible. This pairing framework will extend to devise auto-switching, faster pairing to Android and Google TV, and easier connection with smart home devices. Much of these new features revolve around Google’s smartwatches. Now, watches with the Wear OS 3 software will unlock a user’s Android and Chromebook using their watch. Bose speakers and sound bars will begin supporting Chromecast and spatial audio for head tracking with Android regarding music devices. Google is also adding UWB for unlocking cars using a Google device.

Windows and Chromebook Integration

In addition to the above updates, Google has announced their partnership with HP, Acer, and Intel to support “Better Together” features on their laptops. These PCs will be able to utilize Google’s “Fast Pair,” sync text messages with an Android phone, use Nearby Share to easier find files, and have access to the Google Play game site. Google’s Chromebook laptops are getting some new features to improve integration. Chromebooks will now have the ability to sync and mirror their messaging apps and make it easier to move photos from your phone to your Chromebook.

Google Catching Up with Apple

It has been hard for Google to implement these updates without comparing Apple’s existing device ecosystem. These new features such as Nearby Share and new headphone integration support are seemingly direct replicants to Apple’s Airdrop feature and Airpod connectivity. Google likely just wants to make it easier for Android to work with your other devices. It can be seen as easy for Apple to make this integration possible since they create all their products. To replicate Apple’s ecosystem quality, Google will need to work heavily with other companies with different software to make these updates possible. Thankfully, Google is now ready to overcome this challenge.