9 SEO Tactics to Avoid

02 Feb, 2024 Branding Through SEO

When looking for a marketing firm to tackle the hustling and bustling world of SEO, make sure you are looking out for outdated and lackluster tactics. SEO is complex, and you should be wary of specific strategies to avoid wasting your time and resources.

The following are 9 SEO tactics that are dated and inadequate if you are looking to reach new clients for your law firm.

Identical SEO for All Clients

SEO is multifaceted and intricate, meaning a specific and unique SEO approach is required for different kinds of law firms. If a marketing firm’s main selling point is a one-size-fits-all approach, this is a warning that their SEO will not be adjusted based on the type of law you practice or the locations you practice in.

Discounted SEO Marketing

You should not have to pay an excruciating amount for marketing expertise, but be cautious of firms that are very inexpensive. You may be saving money on marketing, but they could also be saving money on their digital marketing strategies. Pricing is important; try to find a middle-ground.

Limited SEO Tactics and Strategies

As mentioned, SEO is complicated, and even with a very simple and effective plan, there should be a wide range of tactics and strategies that support your law firm’s goals. Look out for marketing firms that advertise a 1-2-3 step plan, as this could prohibit the reach of your SEO.

Lack of Candidness

Marketing consultants may speak of tactics you do not understand; a transparent marketing professional will take the time to explain to you what exactly they are doing. If your marketing firm is not telling you precisely what their tactics are, you will not be able to tell if what they are doing is successful.

A Stagnant SEO Strategy

SEO is constantly evolving and changing, as Google and other search engines update their algorithms quite frequently. If you have employed a marketing firm, ask if they have adjusted any of their strategies, as it is impossible for a stagnant SEO plan to continue to be fruitful.

Quick Turnout Equals Low-Quality

Constantly pushing out content can only be a positive if all the content is high-quality. Ensure that your blogs are not being duplicated with only a few changes and that your content is created originally and not from other law firm’s sites.

Too Many Keywords

Watch out for too many keywords in your titles and content, as this can push down your content on search engines. If your marketing firm suggests “keyword stuffing” as a strategy, it is often a very good indicator that they are utilizing dated tactics.

Focusing Only on Desktop SEO

An easy SEO check is to open your law firm’s website on your phone and make sure that there are not any jarring mistakes. Having a well-maintained mobile SEO can make the difference for many of your website visitors.

Emotionless Writing

With the rise of AI, it may seem acceptable to employ Chat-GPT or other AI programs to write your content for you. This is one of the most damaging tactics you can engage in. Confirm that your content is being written by a person and not AI, as this can affect your credibility and SEO standing.

Look for Personalized SEO

When searching for the help of marketing professionals, the first question you should ask is if you will be receiving a personalized SEO plan. Prioritize finding digital marketing professionals that are trustworthy, experienced, and genuine. Having a team of dedicated and caring specialists will make all the difference for your law firm’s website. Reach out to BluShark Digital today to put our expertise to work for you.