Focus on Branding to Improve Your Link Building

03 Jan, 2024 Branding Through SEO

There has been a significant increase in competitive link-building and ad buying across all industries in the last several years. However, with the rise of AI technology in Google’s algorithms and the inevitable launch of its AI-powered search engine, companies need to start thinking creatively about staying ahead of the curve regarding their own advertisements. Looking ahead to 2024, experts have an answer on how to do so: an increase in branding.

Where Things Went Wrong

What has been lost in translation over the past several years is how companies can attract new customers in creative and cost-effective ways. When digital marketing was first introduced, every company’s goal was to ensure users knew they existed and had an online presence and, as a result, expand their reach like never before. That relatively simple task has become muddled over the years and has turned into a race of paid ads, link building, and fighting over the location of a website’s listing in the search results. Experts in the field are imploring companies to return to their roots and not focus as much attention on ads and instead build their brand up.

Clean up Your Website

To rank high in Google’s organic search, one of the things Google looks for is a fast-moving, well-written page with hyperlinks to other trusted websites. The more precise your brand’s messaging is, the easier for Google to break it down and promote it. Sometimes, less is more; write to the point, making your objectives clear and the content strong. Feel free to make it visually appealing too; users love to look at images and videos.

Focus on Your Product

Google wants to decipher a website’s content quickly, so honing in on your company’s actions is essential for a high-ranking or organic search. That means improving your product and making sure that it is strong BEFORE you start focusing on getting ad space. Being ranked high through SEO is good, but more is needed to fix a high bounce rate or translate to a lead. Think of increasing your entities like the local nail salon: sure, it may be close to you, and you may try it out because of that, but if the quality of your manicure isn’t good, you aren’t going to continue going, regardless of convenience. A website and its product are just like a manicure; you have to ensure the product’s quality and that your brand is top-notch before working to market it.

Put in Work for PR

Digital PR is the cornerstone between increasing your brand awareness and popularity and SEO. Combining a solid brand name and partnering with trusted websites to publish high-quality blogs and papers while also working to level up your spot in Google search results is the perfect way to increase link-building and brand awareness.

As best practices for digital marketing continue to evolve, companies must adapt by focusing on details like brand awareness. Taking measures like optimizing your website’s existing content, engaging in effective PR strategies, and placing an emphasis on high quality content could help you stay ahead of the competition. Reach out to our team of digital marketing professionals at BluShark to learn more and for additional individualized guidance.