Google Experimenting with AI Integrated Search Design

Recently, news broke that Google has been toying with a new search design. This new design would incorporate Google’s new artificial intelligence into the layout of Google searches. The new AI feature “Bard” is expected to roll out sometime in 2023. Although Bard will likely be considered a separate device from search, many anticipate that it will change how people use the platform daily. This experimentation also comes shortly after Microsoft’s addition of ChatGPT features into the Bing search design.

What Will Bard Look Like?

A new report from CNBC details some of the anticipated renderings of this AI search. Some possible renderings of this new model include an AI button replacing the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button currently on the Google homepage. Instead of suggesting prompts such as “I’m Feeling Trendy” or “I’m Feeling Hungry,” this button may suggest popular or trendy questions on Google. Additionally, we may see an AI logo button alongside the camera and microphone buttons in the search bar.

When using this feature, the answer to the Google question will be displayed at the top of the page. This may replace the featured snippet at the top or even the “People also ask” tab section below it. This would push typical organic search results further down the Google SERPs. It is also possible that this new AI feature will be separated from typical results in a chat-style setting similar to ChatGPT.

What The Future Holds for Search

Although these may not seem like extreme changes, users and businesses will need to make some adjustments to adapt to AI on Google. Content may rank comparatively lower on the page behind AI-generated results. However, AI-generated results may also feature and cite other sites’ content. We are still waiting to see how Google will manage a legitimate citation process when this feature officially rolls out. Although AI searches can be helpful, they are not always accurate. People will still look to websites as trusted sources of information.

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