Google Releases New Google Ads Image Extension

21 Jun, 2021 Paid Search

In 2020, Google announced their new Google Ad image extensions to create more visually appealing and engaging Search, Shopping, and Display ads. As of May 2021, these ad extensions are available globally. These new Google Ad image extensions allow businesses to be more creative with their ads beyond the text.

What are Google Ad Image Extensions?

The Google Ad image extension allows advertisers and businesses to upload visuals to their existing text ads to help drive performance and appeal to audiences. When you first set up a Google Ad, you will create a set of keywords. When a user searches those keywords or phrases, your ad will show along with the search engine results. The new image extension allows you to upload images related to these keywords and your existing Google Ad campaigns to enhance your ads.

How To Start Using Google Ad Image Extensions

Before you upload your images, there are requirements and guidelines that you must follow while using image extensions and to be able to use them. To use image extensions, you have to have the following:

  • A Google Ads account that is in an eligible vertical or sub-verticals. This does not include sensitive or sub-verticals that pertain to sexual content, alcohol, or other restrictions.
  • Your Google Ad account has to have been open for more than 90 days.
  • You have a good history of policy compliance.

If you meet those requirements, you can begin using the image extensions and start uploading images. Google Ads is allowing its users to upload 20 high-quality images that relate to their keywords. Google requires the images to follow an aspect ratio of either a square (1×1) or an optional landscape (1.91×1). In addition, it’s essential to review the image guidelines before creating image extensions and avoid disapprovals. The following is not allowed:

  • Moving images or gifs
  • Images with photoshopped backgrounds
  • Images with a logo overlaid on top of the image
  • Images with text that have been overlaid on top of the image
  • Collages
  • Repetitive images and images that are identical or very similar in the same ad

Another option besides uploading images to specific ads, Google has also introduced dynamic image extensions that are an automated extension. A dynamic image extension will curate relevant visuals from your ad’s web landing page. This is an opt-in feature of the image extensions.

Recommendations for Google Ad image Extensions

To capitalize on image extensions and make the most of your ads, Google recommends various practices to get creative and get clicks. Google recommends using both square and landscape images to give your ads more variety and opportunities to display these visuals. In addition, it’s recommended that your images are high-quality, relevant, and helpful when conveying information. You can also try out different images and test your ads to see which visual will boost your business the most.

Google’s new image ad extensions can boost your ads online and help people learn more about what your business has to offer. Google Ads are a great way to connect with target customers and to advertise your services online. These image extensions not only can expand your ads but expand your business.