New Features in Google Analytics 4

06 Jul, 2023 Google Features

Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service that allows you to evaluate the flow of traffic and user engagement across your websites and applications. On April 19, 2023, Google announced four new changes to the platform’s homepage.

A New Welcome Tutorial

There will now be a short tutorial on how to use Google Analytics 4. The welcome tutorial introduces necessary settings and concepts that new users may not be familiar with.

A New Banner

Administrators and Editors who use Google Ads and Google Analytics will now have a banner titled “Verify your Google Ads Settings” across the top of the homepage. The banner gives critical tasks that must be completed to bid against Google Analytics 4 data. The banner will disappear once all tasks are marked as complete in Setup Assistant.

Updated “Suggested for you” Section

The “Suggested for you” section now gives users cards used across all Analytics properties. The cards help new Google Analytics 4 users get started.

Dismissal of Recommendations, Insights, and Suggestions

Users are now able to dismiss cards in the “Suggested for you” or “Insights & Recommendations” section. Users can press a thumbs-down button on the screen if they deem the card irrelevant.

Google Analytics uses this input to show ads that may be more relevant to the user. When the thumbs-down button is clicked, the removed card will not reappear for the next 30 days.

Learn More About Google Analytics 4 Updates

Overall, the update provides a more user-friendly page as it takes into account recommendations from the user. It also allows new users to understand the layout and potential opportunities gained from Google Analytics 4. These updates can help users inform and optimize advertising strategies in the future. Learn more by contacting our digital marketing team today.