Page Experience is a Ranking Signal Rather Than a System

03 Jul, 2023 Google News

Page experience has been a topic of discussion among website owners and SEO professionals, particularly since Google’s recent update regarding its classification as a ranking signal rather than a ranking system. In this blog post, we will explore the changes made by Google and clarify the significance of page experience as a ranking signal. While there may be some confusion surrounding this topic, a key takeaway is that you should prioritize providing an excellent page experience for your users regardless of its impact on search engine rankings.

The Evolution of Page Experience

Recently, Google changed its ranking systems page, removing page experience, mobile-friendliness, page speed, and secure site systems. This action led many to believe that Google was downplaying the significance of page experience as an overall ranking system. However, Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, clarified that page experience was never a ranking system but a ranking signal. Removing these systems was meant to reduce confusion rather than devalue the page experience.

The Importance of Providing a Good Page Experience

While the distinction between a ranking signal and a ranking system may seem nuanced, the underlying message is clear: providing a good page experience is essential. Regardless of Google’s classification, prioritizing user satisfaction should always be the goal. Concentrate on developing outstanding content to outperform your competitors, ensuring that users can access and consume your content seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices.

Don’t Obsess Over Core Web Vitals

While Core Web Vitals are an important aspect of page experience, it is crucial not to obsess over perfect scores in every metric. Core Web Vitals are not the sole determining factor for search rankings and should be viewed as just one piece of the larger page experience puzzle. Instead, focus on the overall user experience, including intuitive navigation, relevant and engaging content, and fast-loading pages.

Learn More About the Importance of Page Experience

Building exceptional content and ensuring a seamless user experience will ultimately lead to increased user satisfaction and improved search rankings. Remember, you are the best judge of whether your website provides a good page experience; third-party tools should only be used as a reference rather than the sole determinant of success. Contact our digital marketing experts at BluShark Digital to discuss how you can improve your page experience for users and boost your online success.