The Importance of the URL You Link to in Google Business Profile

The URL listed on your Google Business Profile is likely your business’s first point of contact with a potential consumer. As such, it’s important to choose a URL for the best first impression and customer experience. The link should lead directly to the page on your company’s site most relevant to a customer’s search and needs. Choosing the right URL will lead to more conversions of potential leads into loyal customers and can improve your local ranking on Google.

Which URL to Choose

Your intuition is probably to have the URL on Google Business Profile lead to your business’s homepage, and for most businesses, the homepage is the best URL to link to. This makes sense because the homepage often has the most authority and relevance. Making the landing page more specific increases its relevance and therefore improves its ranking.

However, the best URL for Google Business Profile could change if a business has multiple locations, practitioner profiles, or niche services. For example, the linked page could be based on location if multiple locations are far from each other. In this instance, it may be more advantageous to have the URL link to a specific location’s page instead of having it lead to the homepage. This change provides a new opportunity for customer acquisition via Google search without cannibalizing the existing consumer segment.

Meaningful Content Beyond the URL

When leading customers to a specific link, you must ensure the page provides sufficient content to fulfill their needs. If Google Business Profile sends a customer to the URL for the business’s location closest to them, they should not have to return to the homepage to find basic information about the business. The specific page should provide straightforward context for the customer. Having meaningful and relevant content on the linked page will improve the customer experience and the website’s ranking in local Google search results. Additionally, your website should be easy to navigate so the user can find the information they are looking for, regardless of what page is listed on your Google Business Profile.

By linking the most appropriate URL (usually based on location) to Google Business Profile and crafting detailed landing pages, your business can improve its customer acquisition and site rankings. Call BluShark Digital today to learn more.