What Types of Social Content Attract the Most Engagement?

05 Dec, 2023 Social Media

When it comes to social media content, the value of creating engaging material cannot be overstated. Crafting content that leaves a lasting impression is essential for companies looking to reach new customers and maintain connections with their current base, ultimately fostering brand loyalty.

One way that we can measure the lasting impression of social content is through engagement. Engagement is the umbrella term for all the ways that a user can interact with a social post including likes, comments, shares, and more. Some forms of engagement are platform-specific. For example, Instagram has a “save” option that allows users to save posts to public or private folders. However, there is one thing that rings true across all social media platforms: nearly all engagement is good engagement.

In order to get high levels of engagement, we need to create quality content and share it with the right audiences. This is where the different types of media come into play. There are many forms of social media content and the levels of engagement they encourage vary depending on the platform, audience, and the quality of the content itself. However, we can improve our engagement by understanding the types of content there are and how we can optimize them for our audiences.

Text-Based Posts

Text-based posts, as a classic source of content, remain highly relevant in reaching both new and existing audiences. Text content allows companies to convey their visual identity through brand tone and creativity.

For simple text posts, Twitter is an excellent platform for sharing small pieces of information, ideas, news, opinions, and obtaining feedback. LinkedIn is a valuable source for sharing thoughts on leadership, articles, and engaging with a professional network. Reddit is a great platform for engaging in Q&A and obtaining public opinions. These outlets can be utilized to expand your reach and build an interactive community.

Other forms of text-based posts include opinion pieces and original research pieces. Through opinion pieces, companies can share well-informed and insightful perspectives, positioning themselves as experts and gaining credibility. Original research pieces offer an opportunity to contribute valuable information and data to their field, demonstrating a commitment to knowledge and innovation.


Images are highly effective in reaching a broad audience due to their visual efficiency. People are naturally drawn to colors and visuals more than words, which can increase engagement on your content. High-quality imagery can either be self-taken or sourced from platforms like Pinterest or Unsplash.


Videos excel at conveying information quickly, whether through informational videos, tutorials, or short advertisements. Short-form videos, lasting less than a minute, are particularly effective for users scrolling through social media. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are popular sources for short-form video content.

Long-form videos typically come in the form of educational and informational content. They allow companies to use storytelling to convey their mission or share emotionally compelling messages. Long-form videos enable users to delve deeper into topics they’re interested in and help build trust with the audience. These videos can often be found or posted on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Live videos provide an opportunity for companies to interact with customers in real-time. These videos can be used to broadcast conversations, webinars, Q&As, and other virtual events. Live videos help build your community by providing them a space not only to interact directly with you but with each other through the use of reactions and comments on your stream. Several social platforms promote livestreaming including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Some platforms like Twitch are designed with live streaming as their focus.


Memes form a personalized and humorous connection with readers through shared experiences and culture. They are designed to be shared rapidly among friends and across the internet. Different meme styles reflect different subcultures all across the internet, so it is important to understand the history of your meme format before you post your content. Know Your Meme is an internet meme database that can serve as a useful source not only for ideas and to track what is trending, but to see if the source of your meme is appropriate for your industry.

How-To Content

How-to content provides readers with a reason and benefit for reading a piece. It enables them to learn more about a topic while solving a problem or meeting a need. Although how-to content is often presented in a text format, it can also take the form of videos, blogs, and infographics. The most important thing to keep in mind when drafting a how-to is to make sure you are not making yourself obsolete. Secrets of the trade or highly specialized activities you engage in as part of your business should not be shared externally, as that can have negative repercussions on your competitive advantage.


Podcasts offer another avenue for sharing opinions, knowledge, and discussions. They are effective because they allow readers to multitask while retaining information, making them ideal for those looking to take a break from screen time. Through podcasts, speakers can leave an impression through their vocal personalities. Podcasts can often be found on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Podcasts can be a great option for those who want to share long-form content but do not have the time or resources necessary to create quality videos. Because podcasts are audio-only, they create a great avenue for those with smaller marketing budgets or tighter time constraints to create quality content.

Trending Content

Lastly, companies can leverage user-generated content (UGC). Consumers find UGC trustworthy and reliable when shared by someone they trust, creating a chain reaction around a trending product. Additionally, UGC is incredibly useful for social listening to see what people think about your brand. Do keep in mind that people tend to stray to the extremes when creating UGC. Those who feel neutral to your brand are going to be unlikely to take the time to make a post about it, but those who feel strongly – both positively and negatively – towards your brand will be more likely to take photos, write paragraphs, or rant in videos about your business.

Trending content often contributes to the success of companies and individuals in the digital world. Staying relevant and going viral can be achieved by keeping up with current news, evoking an emotional connection, creating an attention-grabbing hook, perfecting aspects like timing, and utilizing the best social content.

The most important part about incorporating UGC into your content strategy is that you remain creative with the premise. For some trends, completely copying the music, style of dance, or other unique features is part of the trend. For others, you may be seen as a plagiarist completely recycling someone else’s unique concept. Be sure to study the trend and get a firm understanding of how it is being used before deciding to hop on the trend yourself.

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Overall, social media is supposed to be fun, so have fun with it! Embrace your creativity when creating content both through the education you intend to share and the entertainment you want to provide. While it is important to prioritize your ultimate goals, such as a higher follower count or increased sales through social channels, it is also essential to ensure your content inspires engagement. Reach out to the talented team at BluShark Digital for individualized social media management and recommendations.