Top Social Media Platforms that Law Firms Need

22 Mar, 2022 Social Media

Over the years, social media has become a valuable marketing tool for many businesses, especially for law firms. The first step in starting social media for your law firm is to choose and set up profiles on the most essential platforms. Here are the top social media platforms that you may consider using to start your social media marketing.


Facebook has remained a dominant social media platform with valuable features and the ability to connect with a local community although it has declined in popularity over the recent years.

Businesses can create a Facebook page to showcase their services, team members and communicate with potential clients for free. Law firms can use Facebook to promote their practice areas, community involvement initiatives, and drive potential clients to your website. A key feature of Facebook Pages is the ability for customers to directly message businesses, allowing your firm to gain more leads. If your firm’s goal is to connect locally and build close relationships with your community, Facebook is an essential tool.


Instagram is a great social media platform for law firms seeking to engage with their target audience and connect to people on an individual level. Due to the nature of this platform, Instagram allows law firms to post a variety of content, including educational posts about what people should do following a car accident, professional posts about firm accomplishments, personal posts introducing the firm’s team or posts about their firm’s specialties. Instagram also has the option for making real-time stories and posting reels. Both of these tools can help bring a personal touch to your platform and can allow for a company to be interactive and engage with their audience. Instagram can help humanize your firm and allow you to engage on a personal level.


LinkedIn is a social media platform for businesses. Creating a LinkedIn profile for your law firm can help your team connect with the legal industry and promote your firm’s accomplishments. Law firms and lawyers can engage with the legal community by joining LinkedIn groups and connecting with other firms, which can be an opportunity to increase your referrals. Additionally, LinkedIn can help your firm position itself as a thought leader and help your team build credibility. Having a LinkedIn profile for both your lawyers and your law firm can boost your online presence as well as professionalism.

Boost Your Online Presence with Social Media Marketing

In a digital world, social media marketing is an essential part of your marketing strategy. By building a social media presence, you can increase the visibility of your law firm and website, and make more connections with your target audience. Overall, it’s important to take advantage of these platforms to further the growth of your law firm.