Here’s What We Know About Google Gemini

29 Sep, 2023 Google Features

In the past year, OpenAI has undeniably emerged as a formidable force in the realm of artificial intelligence, captivating the global stage with its pioneering tools designed to usher in the era of artificial intelligence. Although OpenAI continues to assert their dominance in the AI landscape, Google is not far behind in the race. Google has unveiled Bard, an AI chatbot already demonstrating its utility and prowess by seamlessly integrating into various Google products. However, Google’s ambitions extend even further–it is diligently crafting a cutting-edge multimodal AI model that stands as a worthy counterpart to OpenAI’s renowned GPT-4.

What is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini will have the power to generate more than just text. Gemini will have a “set of powerful LLMs (large language models) that will work in tandem as an entity in and of itself.” It’s expected to compete well with the functions of GPT-4, and many believe it will actually outperform the model. Speculations suggest it may be multimodal, able to use tools and APIs, and come in various sizes and capabilities. This will grant Gemini the unique ability to seamlessly integrate text with diverse data formats, potentially even undertaking complex reasoning tasks. It could be the largest language model created to date, meaning it would have over 175 billion parameters while being released in a “series of models” made available in different sizes and capabilities.

Experts believe Google Gemini is not one AI but a collection of AI tools that will work in tandem, tailored to the specific size and type of task given. This can range from text generation and code creation to heightened analytical abilities. This platform should also be able to connect to other Google offerings, such as Google Maps, Flights, Drive, and more. This interconnectedness may become a game changer in the AI landscape and greatly increase user functionality. Additional details also suggest that Gemini can use memory and fact-check against sources, like Google Search, and enhance accuracy across content.

What’s Google Saying On This?

In a recent interview, Denis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind, rounded up all these points by saying that Gemini will aim to synergize both scale and innovation. However, the concepts incorporating planning and memory are in the early exploratory stages. Considering all other factors, Gemini is looking up to be very promising.

In a separate interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai, he shared even more exciting information. Pichai envisions Gemini and its forthcoming iterations as nothing short of “incredible universal personal assistants” poised to assimilate into the fabric of society seamlessly. These AI marvels, he continues, will not merely enhance travel, work, and entertainment but also exert a lasting transformative influence on the global landscape. He believes today’s chatbots will pale in comparison to what the future will hold in a few years.

The Countdown Begins

Google has been quietly handing out early demos of Gemini to select companies. As for the rest of us, we’ll have to wait until December, when Gemini will finally be unveiled to the public. What we know so far about Gemini suggests we’ll see a significant advancement in the artificial intelligence world, aligning with Google’s celebrated ambitions of “bringing AI in responsible ways to billions of people.”