Revolutionize Your Online Marketing Strategy with a DBA 

19 Oct, 2023 Branding Through SEO

For many businesses, leveraging a DBA (“Doing Business As”) can be a great way to improve their online marketing, especially for young or new companies looking to make their mark in the digital world. In essence, a DBA is a way to operate your business under a name other than its original full legal name. If the company name is long, hard to spell/say, or isn’t as catchy or memorable as it can be, you may want to consider registering for a DBA. You can also leverage keywords within the DBA, which can help build up local rankings. This is a fantastic strategy for making your business more visible or recognizable, especially online.

What is a DBA?

A DBA, or a “Doing Business As” name, is a way for someone to practice business under a name that is not their legal government name. Every business has an official name that is used in official business matters, including tax documents, bank statements & checks, and any other kind of legal document pertaining to the business. A DBA, however, is something you can request for your company regardless of the type of business. It is a way to officially identify the names you will use to refer to your company to avoid confusion. Luckily, there are no limits on the number of DBAs someone can acquire.

In the case of a sole proprietor or multiple partners, the company name is simply the name of the business owner or owners; in the case of a limited liability company (LLC), a corporation, or any other statutory entity, it is the name on the formation documents.

A DBA is not a trademark. You have no ownership over the name and cannot get legal protection for it simply with a DBA. It also does not act as a foreign qualification nor does it give you the right to practice your business in multiple states. It is just a way to legally operate your business under another name, if you choose.

How it Can Help with Your Online Marketing Strategy

Acquiring a DBA for your business can give you the freedom and control you need when trying to grow your business. First, there is a massive and often overlooked SEO benefit to using a DBA. You can use geographical terms (i.e., Orlando personal injury) or to show your specialty (i.e., the tax law professionals) which will highlight your brand in search engines and draw in new leads. You can also use keywords in the DBA itself that highlight your practice areas or your firm’s unique specialties, which would make it more relevant to users searching for the services you provide.

Acquiring a DBA (or multiple) can help your online presence by giving you more to work with when creating your website and expanding your online brand image. You can refer to your business as a more casual or catchy name to promote your businesses personality and nature, which draws in users and generates more traffic.

It can also help if you plan to venture into a new field of business with the same company. For lawyers, your different practice areas may bring in more cases in certain times of the year, like tax season, back to school, etc. Different weather can also affect accidents. Using a different name to fit a different time can be a great idea.