Say Goodbye to Google Business Profile Websites in March

30 Jan, 2024 Google News

Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed significant updates and notifications from Google. Most recently, Google has declared that starting in March, they will discontinue websites created with Google Business Profiles.

What does this mean for your Google Business Profile Websites? According to Google, visitors to your website after this shutdown will automatically be redirected to your Google Business Profile. This redirection will be in effect until June 10th, when visitors encounter a page error message.

Next Steps To Take

Some helpful steps to take after this change include:

  • Check if your website is a Google Business Website. A clear indicator of whether your website is a Google Business Website is if the URL ends with If it does, you must prepare to find another website-building tool. If not, you’re in the clear!
  • If your website is a Google Business Website, you must find another platform for your business. Google suggests that previous users explore Wix, Go Daddy, WordPress, Shopify and other similar options.
  • Redirect all links, campaigns, and third-party domains associated with your Google Business Website. After March 1st, 2024, the previous may be affected or inoperable, so you want to ensure unlink anything attached to your Google Business Website’s URL.

Once you have found the right platform for your business, you want to rebuild your website utilizing their tools.

Looking Forward to Change

Change provides an opportunity for a fresh start. While this update may not be ideal, it’s the perfect chance to assess your business’s digital presence and take steps to enhance it. Implementing new tactics and optimizing traffic can lead to a more robust online strategy for your business. Embrace this change as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Reach out to the team at BluShark Digital for more information and individualized guidance.