Steps to Take When Client Reviews are Not Showing Up on Your Google Business Profile

With all of Google’s most recent updates, there are expected to be technical issues and glitches in their system. However, these glitches can negatively affect your Google Business Profile (GBP).

In recent months, more and more Google reviews are being delayed or, in some cases, flagged and never appear publicly on a Google Business Profile. To troubleshoot this issue our team at BluShark has found that when the reviewer edits their initial comment, it may surpass the review filter the second time and publish as normal.

Steps To Edit a Review

The process of editing Google reviews is relatively straightforward. First, the reviewer needs to log into the Google Account that initially left the review. Once the reviewer is logged in, they should return to the Google Business Profile that the review was written on. To do this, go to the search bar and type in the business name the review was left for. On the right-hand side of the screen, there should be the business’ Google Business Page complete with the business name, location on Google Maps, photos of the business, and most importantly for us today, reviews.

google review example

In their Google Business Profile, click on “reviews.” This will open the reviews page where all reviews are listed according to their star rating. Often, the most recent reviews populate at the top of the list, though this can be filtered by sorting by different star ratings. These filter systems may help the business in finding the review in question, which need to be done to continue this process.

blushark digital review example

Once the review has been found, there should be an “edit” option next to the star rating. By clicking on the “edit” option, the reviewer will be able to revise their review. These edits can be as simple as one-or-two word changes. Larger changes may require rephrasing, though it is recommended that the content of the original review is kept relatively similar to what had previously been written. Below, we have included a good example of this practice.

example of editing a review

Once the reviewer has edited their comment, the process is complete! Simply click save to lock in the changes and the review should appear publicly with its edits within 24 to 48 hours. If the review is not public after 48 hours, it is possible there is a bigger issue with the review, such as not complying with Google guidelines. Escalating the problem by reaching out to Google Support may be a necessary next step.

Additionally, this process applies to positive reviews only. Google Review Guidelines are very strict on posts involving personal details, financial information, explicit language, spam, hate speech, or other improper language. Negative reviews tend to be more likely to include this kind of information, so Google has created a process unique for negative review edits.

Improving Your Business’ Google Reviews Strategy With BluShark

Google reviews are only one aspect of a digital marketing strategy. In order to strengthen a Google Business Profile, a business needs people who are highly skilled in handling reviews, designing a page, and optimizing the business’ digital footprint. Our team at BluShark Digital is comprised of highly educated and experienced professionals ready to help you build the digital presence your business needs to grow. Contact us today to see how we can improve your digital marketing strategy.