Google’s November 2023 Core Update Released

16 Nov, 2023 Google News

2023 seems to be the year of Google Updates, as this year has seen four core algorithm updates. The first of these rounds of updates rolled out on March 15 and was completed on March 28. The second was in late August, finishing the process on September 7. We had a third update a few weeks ago, which started on October 5 and finished on October 19.

Recently, Google announced a November core update, which has begun its rollout and should be expected to wrap up implementation within the next two weeks. To understand how this update could impact businesses for the remainder of the year, we need to discuss what this update entails and define what it may mean for users going forward.

About the Update

The November 2023 update is coming fast after October’s – an unprecedented turnaround time in Google’s usual algorithm update process. It does not help that Google is purposefully vague about what these recent updates have been correcting specifically, leaving us to try and study the algorithm ourselves to see what changes may have been made and, more importantly, how those changes may manifest for users.

According to Google, this update involves improvements to a different core system than previous updates this year. This update targets Google reviews and aims to rework how the search algorithm evaluates reviews and could change how they are displayed in the search results.

Future updates on Google’s reviewing system for businesses will become harder to track. In the past, Google has given these periodic notifications on improvements to all systems, including the review system. However, with this most recent update, Google announced they will update their review system continuously.

This change in updating structure will mean we will not be notified of any large updates to Google Reviews. Additionally, there are expected to be fewer large updates, with the focus changing to small tweaks over a more extended period rather than a significant update all at once. Understanding this change can help us prepare for the future of Google Reviews and how we can tailor our SEO strategies to incorporate this useful aspect of Google Business Profiles (GBPs).

What This Means for Users

As with all updates, users should watch their analytics and rankings over the next few weeks. Some businesses may experience no change in their ranking, while others may see drastic differences before and after large Google updates like this. This wide range of potential results is due to how Google updates are designed. Updates are often meant to target a specific topic or type of content. Those who discuss those niches are more likely to be impacted by a given update, especially when compared to industries that do not touch those subjects.

Unfortunately, for those who see drastic changes, there are no specific actions you can take to remedy the situation. Sometimes, a business can be negatively impacted without doing anything wrong. However, there is a list of questions Google has released that can be useful in helping you determine if there is something wrong with your website. These questions emphasize evaluating content quality, such as using proper structuring like headings and ensuring the content discusses your expertise concisely and effectively. It can also be beneficial to compare your sites to others to see how your content contrasts with competitors with better ranking than your business.

Finally, you should expect to see some recovery between core updates. Over time, the algorithm gets tweaked and stabilizes to a new normal. This new normal may still positively or negatively impact your ranking, but it is often more apparent why you are experiencing a change by that point. This process repeats for each core update, with higher volatility occurring during the rollout of the update and the algorithm stabilizing anywhere between a few weeks to a few months after.

Managing Your Business Through Google Updates

Google updates can drastically impact your business’s online presence. You need a team that can navigate these updates and strategize methods to keep your business climbing through the rankings even during these tumultuous times. Our team at BluShark Digital comprises strategists who are committed to improving your business’s online presence. Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow through digital marketing!