Testing Notes Platform and Personalized Recommendations in New Google Search Updates

29 Nov, 2023 Google News

In recent months, Google has slowly introduced updates to its search algorithm. These updates prioritize first-hand knowledge over second-hand sources recycling the same information as other websites. There are several measures that Google is taking to improve its algorithm to prioritize this firsthand knowledge.

The first of these updates is “notes,” a new experiment being tested in Google Labs. There are also general updates to the current ranking system and a focus on tailoring results to the individual user’s needs and interests. By understanding how these updates function, we can plan our SEO strategy around them to ensure the content we create is favorable to the algorithm and the people who use it.

Introducing Notes

“Notes” is one of Google’s latest additions to Labs, a platform for testing new features. Users can use notes when searching for specific topics. After they submit their given query, two buttons pop up at the bottom of the screen. The first button is “add a note, ” enabling users to add their own notes to the search result listing. The second button, “# Notes,” states how many notes have been added and allows users to view previous users’ notes on a separate page.

This feature aims to allow experts and everyday people to provide helpful tips to one another on a specific subject. For example, those searching for a baking recipe may get pointers from professional chefs and passionate home bakers. These notes can include text, images, GIFs, and stickers on top of a textured background to maximize visual appeal.

Notes are ranked separately from traditional search and do not impact one another. However, there is a ranking system developed just for notes. Those deemed most useful are bumped up, while spammy, abusive, and otherwise problematic notes are demoted by the algorithm and by users reporting such posts. Some concerns with implementing Notes include users spreading misinformation, abusive language, or inappropriate images. However, this feature can also provide a lot of good for users by allowing experts and hobbyists to share their skills with others more personably. Ultimately, this new feature showcases that Google wants to hear from first-hand voices and encourages users to view experts’ notes rather than learn from second-hand information.

Updated Ranking Systems

Google is currently working to make the search experience more personalized to the individual searching. They are trying to accomplish this by making it easier for users to find personalized advice and opinions based on individual experiences. Secondly, they plan to promote websites that provide fresh information and will potentially demote those who have repetitive or second-hand content. Google aims to promote unique and personal perspectives, so those who rely on secondary sources for their research may experience a hit in the algorithm.

Curated Recommendations

Alongside updates to their search algorithm across the board, Google is also implementing curated recommendations to further tailor results to the individual. These results will be customized to the user’s personal interests as defined by their previous search history. These customizations will likely factor in other data, such as user engagement, time spent on websites, and the frequency of repeat visits.

Additionally, Google plans to allow users to “follow” topics from their search results. Topics with high follower counts may experience increased traffic and promotion. Besides simply being a useful tool for those who want to stay up-to-date on recent fashion trends or their favorite sports team, this feature could also redefine the keywords used in SEO strategies as businesses try to retarget their strategy alongside topics with high follower counts.

Google also plans to incorporate creators and their content into their search results. As content creators continue to become an integral part of every industry in the digital marketplace, Google is trying to keep up with these trends and update its algorithm to accommodate all this new information. In the future, Google plans to include information about content creators directly on their search results, including their follower count. In this way, digital influencers may be able to directly impact Google results in a way we have never seen before.

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