What Does Google’s New Highly Cited Label Mean for Your Business?

Google has recently launched two new features, the “highly cited label” and “alerts for rapidly evolving topics”. These additions help stop the spread of misinformation by providing more credible information that users can rely on. For your business, this means that information posted on your site, such as blogs, may be pulled to support correlating topics, which may increase your exposure. This also means that when individuals are looking for information to assist them in work-related tasks, finding trustworthy sources will be quicker and easier.

What is the Highly Cited Label?

This label will appear at the beginning of the Top Stories page when using Google on a mobile device. It will display a headline inviting you to look at the news surrounding the topic you executed a search for. Below the headline is a corresponding image with a tag in the upper left corner indicating that it has been highly cited. Below this, you’ll find a plethora of related stories from popular news sources.

Having access to multiple reports on the same topic written by different sources allows users to fact-check and gain insight into varying perspectives. This feature provides users with credible information and also helps support original reporting.

What’s Changed for Rapidly Evolving Topics?

Suppose you are googling a topic that is changing during the time of your search. In that case, Google will now display an alert that the information may not be fully updated and, therefore, may not be entirely accurate. It will appear as a message that also includes ways to verify sources on your own and a list of resources for best practices. Google will also ask users to revisit the page a few hours later so that the search engine has time to investigate and rank queries.

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