45% of Fake Reviews Removed by Google and What This Means for Your Business

28 Feb, 2024 Google News

In the last year, Google has added a new review algorithm to search for fake reviews in local listings in their Google Search and Google Maps. This algorithm focuses on two main aspects: if there are repeat reviews or if a business receives a drastic increase in 1 or 5-star reviews. The algorithm finds fake reviews by looking to see if the reviewer has posted a review anywhere else. With their new strategies, Google has removed over 5 million fake reviews.

Why are Google Reviews so Important?

Having strong, well-written, 5-star reviews can help your SEO dramatically. Google will push your business up on various searches, such as Google Maps, Google Business Profile, and Google Search. Where your business ranks on these search results will determine how many potential customers will see your business.

Shortcuts Will Damage Your SEO

It may be tempting to engage in scam marketing, as there are many options for buying fake reviews. However, there will be detrimental consequences if you purchase fake reviews. Google states that enlisting the help of scam marketers violates their policies. Google will suspend your Business Profile, and your business could stop appearing on Google Maps and Google Search.

You also hurt your chances of having a positive first impression on potential customers. When people read reviews, they know how to spot a fake review from an authentic one. When a potential customer notices a fake review, you immediately lose their trust.

Beyond ruining your reputation and SEO, there can also be legal repercussions, as it is illegal to purchase fake reviews. The Federal Trade Commission can take legal action against this, and the settlement can be a very hefty fine.

What This Means for Your Business

Google rewards legitimate reviews by pushing your business higher, which allows more potential customers to see your business. With Google’s new algorithm in mind, focus on asking your clients to leave reviews and avoid buying fake reviews at all costs. When asking for a review, make it personal and show that you care about your client’s experience.

If you are tempted to purchase fake reviews, direct your efforts to reply to all of your Google reviews. This rewards and validates your customers when they leave a positive review, and it showcases your business’ approach to criticism when you respond to negative reviews.

Google Algorithms are Constantly Evolving

SEO and digital marketing are not stagnant businesses; staying on top of new algorithms is essential to make your business stand out from competitors. Knowing how to adjust your SEO strategies can be difficult when Google algorithms are constantly changing. At BluShark Digital, our experienced digital marketing team consistently keeps up with current SEO trends, and we can help you navigate the ever-changing world of Google, social media, SEO, and more! Call today to find out what we can do for you.