Google Ads Extensions for Higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

30 Jun, 2023 Google Features

Google Ads can be essential for ranking highly in search engine results and getting positive engagement from users. There are plenty of strategies for maximizing the chances that someone will click on your link as opposed to your competitor’s. One of the most effective strategies involves Google Ads extensions.

Depending on what your company does and who your target audience is, there are various in-application extensions for your Google Ads posts that could help boost your number of productive hits. Here are a few Google Ads extensions for higher click-through-rate (CTR) that might be helpful for your unique brand.

Callout Extensions

One of the simplest and yet most effective extensions you can add to your Google Ads is a “callout.” This allows you to add additional text below your headlines and display URL that provides pertinent information to people viewing the ad. While these callouts visually resemble site links, they are actually plain text that can be used as a quick and punchy sales pitch. With a callout, you can highlight things that set your brand apart from others and inform potential customers of sales and basic product options.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions are another crucial feature for building engagement through Google Ads. By using this extension, you can add additional hyperlinks below your main URL that send a Google user directly to specific nested links within your website.

So long as these links have the same domain name as the primary site linked in your ad, there are virtually no limits to what you can show Google users in sitelink extensions. You can link people to specific items you want to sell, seasonal deals that are relevant at the exact time you are running your ad, an information page about your business and brand, or even a testimonial page with comments from satisfied customers.

Call and Text Extensions

Call extensions and click-to-text extensions within Google Ads allow you to insert a phone number for your business and a contact number for directly texting a sales or customer service representative. These features can be important for brands looking to specifically target mobile Google search users. Someone who taps on one of these extensions while using a smartphone will be redirected to their phone’s calling or texting application and can immediately start a conversation.

Price and Promotion Extensions

If you want to advertise specific prices for goods or pricing ranges for different types of services, you can do so directly in your Google Ad by using the price extension. Listed prices can include hyperlinks to the relevant sales page, allowing potential customers to immediately make a purchase without having to navigate through multiple pages within your site.

Likewise, it is possible to highlight short-term promotions and sales through the promotion extensions, which adds information without a hyperlink about the relevant deal. The Google Ads platform allows users to advertise percentage discounts, monetary discounts, up to percentage discounts, and up to monetary discounts through different extensions.

Review Extensions

If your company has good reviews on Google or any other review platform, you can display the average of those reviews in the form of a five-star rating by using the review extension. The listed rating will link to a summary page showing more detailed breakdowns of specific star ratings and display several recent text reviews from customers.