How Important Are Keywords in a Business Name for Ranking?

01 Dec, 2023 Organic SEO Strategies

Google Business Profiles are integral to any business online. Not only are these profiles attached to your location and can be found through Google Maps, but they collate all of your digital assets in a single location. All your reviews, photos, and other details are listed there, as well as links to your website and social media channels.

When these factors are taken into consideration, it is no wonder that keywords can drastically impact your Google Business Profile. However, where and how you integrate your keywords is very important, as certain usages are regulated by Google and can be considered breaking community guidelines. In addition to learning how keywords impact your Google Business Profile’s rating, you need to know how to properly use those keywords to your greatest advantage.

Temporary Boosts Can Come at a Cost

Research shows that including keywords in your profile drastically boosts your business’ ranking in Google’s local search algorithm, especially if these keywords are placed together. Adding keywords to your business name can often increase your ranking within hours. However, in some cases adding keyword descriptors to your business name is against GBP guidelines and can result in the suspension of your business page. These descriptors are often the keywords you want to include, which creates a unique problem. In this situation, it is best to follow the guidelines to ensure your business page stays live, as that is more important than a temporary boost in rating.

When Competitors Try to Cheat the System

While this sound business decision is relatively common sense, your competitors may believe the jump in ratings is worth the potential suspension. However, their actions could be breaking community guidelines, putting you at an unfair disadvantage due to their gaming of the system. If you come across a situation like this, you can report your competitor for breaking community guidelines.

It may take multiple reports in order for Google to act, but once they do, it is likely that Google will make them remove the keywords or potentially suspend their page altogether. The former is more common, with Google requiring businesses to remove the descriptors from their business name. Businesses that previously experienced a boost in rankings will experience a sharp drop in their rankings, putting your business at an advantage.

Improve Your Google Business Profile With Help From BluShark Digital

There are many other ways you can improve your Google Business Page besides the incorporation of keywords. Our team at BluShark Digital is comprised of industry experts who are here to help you improve every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Contact us today to see what our team can do for you!