Google’s AI-Powered Product Updates

10 Feb, 2023 Google Features

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology advances, Google has announced several striking product updates for Google Search, Google Lens, Google Maps, and Google Translate. Google live-streamed these amendments from Paris and further discussed testing for Google Bard, Google’s new AI-powered search engine. These AI updates will have a massive impact on SEO.

Google Lens Improves Google Search

Google Search is the world’s most popular search engine, constantly evolving to provide better results. Within the next few months, we will see Google’s new Multisearch feature on the web, which combines Google Lens and Google search. Multisearch enables users to photograph an object and add a text query along with the image search. Google will provide relevant information and search results thanks to this integration.

The Near-Me Multisearch function will let users zoom in on specific elements of an image to find relevant information and product details. It will also list information based on your geographical proximity, which can help local businesses reach more clients. As a result, Google will provide more accurate and relevant results, even for complex queries that have previously stumped the search engine.

Fluent in Every Language

Google Translate is another product that is benefiting from AI-powered enhancements. Google Translate is already an extremely useful tool for translating from one language to another, but Google is now using AI to improve translation accuracy.

Now, Google Translate will incorporate the nuances of different languages, accounting for words and phrases with multiple meanings and culture-based language norms. This will allow Google Translate to provide more accurate and natural-sounding translations. Language barriers will be an issue of the past, and the opportunities for B2B and B2C digital marketing will be limitless.

You’ll Never Get Lost Again

Google Maps will incorporate AI into its new model through glanceable directions, live immersive and indoor views, and EV maps. The updated Google Maps will usurp Google Earth’s satellite technology, now showing immersive views of cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, London, and Tokyo. Additionally, Google users can access live indoor views of over 1,000 airports, train stations, and malls.

The remodeled Google Maps will allow Android and iOS users to access predictive route information using real-time data. By predicting traffic patterns, Google’s glanceable directions will let users arrive at their locations faster and access directions from their lock screen, never having to reopen the app. Google Maps will also provide more personalized recommendations for restaurants, cafes, and other local businesses based on the user’s search history and location data. Because of this, it is more important than ever to utilize robust SEO tactics for your business.

Embrace Change and Get Ahead with BluShark

Google’s AI efforts will enhance its most popular products, including Google Multisearch, Google Translate, and Google Maps. New technology doesn’t have to be scary, but as Google becomes more accurate, personalized, and intuitive, so must your digital marketing strategy.

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